The Supreme Court once again has rescheduled the hearing regarding the adoption of the resolution on the interpretation of legal issues concerning the loans denominated and indexed in foreign currencies


According to the announcement published on April 9th on the Court’s website, the Supreme Court rescheduled from April 13th to May 11th the hearing regarding the adoption of the said resolution that was once rescheduled from March 25th to April 13th (case III CZP 11/21).

This decision was justified by the health safety issues due to the persistently high number of SARS-CoV2 infections, but also by the expectation concerning the ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU, due on April 29th (C-19/20 ) on the questions referred for a preliminary ruling by the District Court in Gdańsk.

As indicated in the Supreme Court’s information, although the legal issues presented by the President of the Supreme Court to the entire Civil Chamber concern the interpretation of domestic law- which only national courts are entitled to make – the CJEU judgment may create an important interpretative context regarding the questions stipulated in the request of the President. For these reasons, it is justified to further postpone the hearing so it would be possible to take into account the CJEU’s interpretation of European regulations while interpreting a national regulations.

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