Restructuration of foreign currency denominated credit agreements

Have you taken a foreign currency denominated loan? We provide our Clients complex legal services in releasing them from the loans denominated in Swiss francs or other foreign currencies.

For whom is this offer?

We represent our Clients during the litigation with banks all over the country. Our offer is also aimed at bank customers whose credit agreement has already been terminated by the bank.

How does the examination of the case looks like?

After receiving the scan of the credit agreement we’ll provide the Client cost-free analysis. If your agreement contains any inadmissible contract provisions we will find them and we will help you in declaring the credit contract null and void. Alternatively we will remove the particular provisions as inadmissible.

Please not the calculation of the value of the claim against the bank requires gathering a documentation. We can help you with drafting proper motions to the bank or get it directly from the ban, as your proxies.

What is the law firm’s remuneration?

Our remuneration is calculated on the basis of clear and transparent rules and mostly consists of success fee.

What are the court fees?

Regardless of the value of the claim the court fee in cases regarding the consumers (“the natural persons not conducting business activity”) always amount to 1.000 PLN


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