President of the NBP: the banks are responsible for foreign currency loans, they should not pass the responsibility on to others.


The head of the National Bank of Poland believes that only banks are responsible for foreign currency loans and should not try to pass responsibility on to others – announces “Puls Biznesu”.

According to “PB”, on November 18, the banks received a reply from the NBP president.

Three pages of text, the content, style and language of which, appears biting and even malicious, not promising the best for the sector when it comes to supporting the so-called safety net of institutions (NBP, financial supervision and the Ministry of Finance) – assesses the newspaper. The daily notes that the head of the National Bank of Poland states that “both the central bank and the FSC deal with the issue of the CHF on an ongoing basis in the context of its impact on the situation of banks and financial stability”. He explains that the NBP is not an institution competent to interpret the provisions of consumer’s law, and even less to influence the decisions of the courts – emphasizes “PB”.

I conclude with concern that your magazine seems to be attempting  to exert pressure on the central bank and the FSC in order to take actions that do not fall within the mandate of these institutions – writes Adam Glapiński, quoted by the daily. He adds that the bank’s letter can be seen as an attempt to shift responsibility to public institutions.

As reported by the newspaper, according to Adam Glapiński the full responsibility for the provisions in question “rests solely with the management boards of the banks“,

According to the newspaper, the head of the National Bank of Poland claims that supervisory institutions have repeatedly drawn attention to the risk of foreign currency loans, while banks have ignored them. He reminds that already in 2011 politicians became interested in the matter and it was the subject of the work of the Sejm. Even the sharp increase in the exchange rate of the franc in 2015 did not cause “a profound correction of your position” writes Adam Glapiński in the letter quoted by the daily.

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